MCA Missions: Funding and Resources

The work of Mexico and Central America (MCA) Missions is supported financially by the generous donations of several organizations and individuals. In this article we want to describe briefly how MCA Missions operates in order to fulfill our fiduciary duties and be good stewards of the gifts of God’s people.


Mexico and Central America

MCA Missions is a nonprofit church organization established in 2005 under section 501(c)(3) of the US tax code. The objective of MCA Missions is to procure and provide spiritual and material resources to the churches in Mexico and Central America that belong to the worldwide association of the International Churches of Christ. The geographical region includes 41 churches in 9 nations.

The structure of MCA Missions follows the typical form of a nonprofit organization. A Board of Directors oversees the organization and makes sure that all activities and expenditures are aligned with our mission and with biblical and legal principles. A group of officers manages the operations.

The current Directors are:
Dr. Jaime De Anda, Chair
Louis Catuogno
Dennis Hastings
Jay Minor

and the officers are:
Dr. Jaime De Anda, President
Robin Heskett, CPA, Treasurer
Michael Wooten, Esq., Secretary and Legal Counsel

Since the resources managed by MCA Missions are used to meet chiefly spiritual needs in the receiving churches, we also have a group of men and women who serve in an advisory role and who are directly involved in mentoring several ministers in Mexico and Central America. We call this group the Ministry Advisory Group, and the current members are:
Pedro and Laura Garcia (Lighthouse Church of Christ)
Rafael and Griselda Lua (Lifeway Church)
Roberto and Michelle Carrillo (San Diego Church of Christ)
Luis and Sylvia Mendez (San Diego Church of Christ)

The current financial or fiscal year of MCA Missions runs from October 1st, 2013, to September 30, 2014. For this financial cycle we have received generous donations from several congregations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. All these congregations are part of what is called the Los Angeles International Church of Christ: Orange County Church of Christ, South Bay Church, Greater Long Beach Church, Lighthouse Church of Christ, and Turning Point Church. Churches in Mexico and Central America also receive support from other congregations in the United States, for example the San Diego Church of Christ, but that financial support is not managed by MCA Missions.

During the 2013-2014 financial cycle, MCA Missions has a budget of $670,000. After receiving input from ministries in Mexico and Central America and from the Ministry Advisory Group (see above), the Board of Directors approved the following distributions:

$33,000   Reserve Funds (4.9%)
$34,000   Administration and Fundraising (5.1%)
$603,000  Programs (90%)

The Programs budget is sub-divided into two components: domestic and foreign programs. Domestic Programs includes oversight, shepherding and training performed by US-based ministers. Foreign Programs are those that are directly managed by funds-receiving churches. The breakdown is as follows:

$118,600  Domestic Programs (17.7%)
$484,400  Foreign Programs  (72.3%)

Readers will notice that mission support is now programs-based, not church-based. Starting with the current financial cycle, MCA Missions began targeting mission support in three areas: Mission Church Support, Campus Ministry, and Leadership Development/Training. Churches in Mexico and Central America submitted many proposals in these three areas. The MCA Missions Board reviewed the proposals based on several criteria: impact of the proposed program, ability to measure the program’s progress, availability of funds, and others. Finally, 32 of the proposed programs were chosen for funding.

Church Mission Support: This category represents churches that are not yet self-supporting and require assistance with their day to day operations, for example, ministry staff, meeting facilities, etc. Twenty churches are receiving support in this category.

  • San Jose (Costa Rica)
  • Managua (Nicaragua)
  • Tegucigalpa (Honduras)
  • Comayagua (Honduras)
  • San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
  • Belize City (Belize)
  • Cuba Missions
  • Tlahuac (Mexico)
  • Pachuca (Mexico)
  • Morelia (Mexico)
  • Oaxaca (Mexico)
  • Aguascalientes (Mexico)
  • Tampico (Mexico)
  • Culiacan (Mexico)
  • Tlaxcala (Mexico)
  • Mexicali (Mexico)
  • Xela (Guatemala)
  • Escuintla (Guatemala)
  • Tapachula (Mexico)
  • San Salvador (El Salvador)

Campus Ministry: Several churches are in cities that have large college campuses. We believe that it is of paramount importance to take the gospel to the next generation. Last year MCA Missions provided over $40,000 to help restart the ministry at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) In one year the group has grown from 20 to 40 members. This year, five campus ministry programs are receiving support.

  • Mexico City
  • Panama City
  • San Salvador
  • Guatemala City
  • Monterrey

Leadership Development/Training: The growth of the churches in Mexico and Central America is due in great part to the role played by lay leaders of small ministry groups (called Bible Talks or Family Groups.) For the church to continue growing, it is important to facilitate the training of present and future leaders. MCA Missions provides funds so that Mexican and Central American ministers can travel, hold workshops and retreats, and receive training themselves. Seven programs are being supported this year, as indicated below with the corresponding program directors:

  • Guadalajara:  Luis Mendez (San Diego)
  • San Salvador: Josue Ortega
  • Mexico City: Mario Espinosa
  • Mexico City: Humberto Vargas
  • Guatemala City: Alex Paiz
  • Mexico City: Aaron Ruiz
  • Puebla: Salvador Añorve

Volunteers at Guatemala Community Service Brigade 2014

We want to invite church members in the U.S. to get connected with the mission field that they are helping to support. There are several opportunities to do this. On June 12-15 the Managua (Nicaragua) Church will be hosting the annual Central American Conference entitled “What God Has Done” Please check our Facebook page for updates regarding registration and housing. Members are also encouraged to take a week of their vacation time to travel and spend time working side by side with disciples of Jesus in any of the churches. Please send us an e-mail if you can do this and need guidance. There are also community service brigades organized by our brothers and sisters of HOPE worldwide. Although these brigades are for meeting health needs in the church and its community, non-health professionals can also go and serve!

We hope that the information provided here is helpful and inspiring. Thanks for your support. Please keep this great work in your hearts and your prayers!

MCA Missions


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  1. doug pennoyer says:

    Dr. De Anda:

    As an MK (Philippines) I went with my parents to many missions conferences in the late 50s, 60s, and 70s. Then in the 80s until the present I have planned and hosted many in Washington State and California,
    BUT none like this one.

    A missions conference Friday March 13 at Biola with international missiologists and missions strategists, and practioners with no registration fee.

    This is your special invitation to come and join the SW regional gathering of the Evangelical Missiological Society. You can come and simply listen or you can choose to respond during the question and answer session following each paper.

    Christianity Today describes as Vishal Mangalwadi as “the foremost Indian Christian intellectual” and Dr. Mangalwadi certainly presents a controversial paper “How Premillennialism Harmed Missions.” Or among other papers you might also enjoy Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization Cape Town 2010 speaker Paul Eshleman’s “Controversy in Unengaged Unreached People Groups and Finishing the Task.” Or what about Eunice Hong’s “Power Play in the Immigrant Church’? And Bogosian’s “Insider Movements, Contextualization, and the Demonic”!

    I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Pete Wagner and I edited Wrestling with Dark Angels, the book that came out of the spiritual warfare conference we held at Fuller with John Wimber.

    I can send you a flyer with all the speakers and the titles to their papers.That’s right, these aren’t just verbal presentations, you will have access to their papers so you can accurately quote and reference what they say in your sermon, teaching, training or other ministry opportunity.

    All I need to know for planning purposes is if you or other people in your MCA network are coming.

    Controversy in Missions conference at Biola on March 13. Lively and informative presentations by missiologists and practioners on a variety of often controversial topics. Call 562-903-4781 or email

    Thanks, Dr. Pennoyer

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